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#helpregistry - The one-stop registry for civic engagement in the Corona-Crisis and beyond
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You see a need for a similar platform in your country? Get in touch with us!

What we do

#hilferegister (Help Registry) is a one-stop user-friendly platform for matching individuals with initiatives that they can either support or be supported by. The website was born during the Covid-19 crisis, but it’s utility of boosting visibility for civil-society initiatives goes well beyond.

For now, our mission is to help as many people as possible during the Corona crisis. This does not limit us to Germany - we would love to help out wherever there is a similar need. The concept is very replicable and scalable across communities / countries. A similar project exists in Malaysia whom we’ve been collaborating with closely.

At the time of writing, we’ve been in touch with individuals and teams spanning geographies from New-York to Nepal to roll out similar platforms.

If you are keen to set up a similar platform, we are happy to help. Together with kitajagakita.com, we can support you in getting started - including sharing our experiences, templates, tech infrastructure etc. Feel free to E-mail Charlotte or Thilo, or send us a message on social media.


In the wake of the Corona crisis, many charitable initiatives have sprung up to support society throughout these difficult times. However, despite all the solidarity, there is no central contact point listing charitable initiatives in Germany (nor in most other countries). The sheer volume of information makes finding initiatives that are local and relevant to the user difficult, discouraging them from getting involved and helping others. Similarly, those who would benefit from the support from such initiatives face the same problem and in many cases will not get the help they could get.

Who we are

We are a diverse team of like-minded young professionals and students who have joined forces to fight Corona. Some of us are currently working full-time on this project while others contribute after their day-jobs. Find more on the About Us Page (English version coming soon)

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