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#hilferegister - Your central portal for community engagement in the Corona crisis

Risikogruppen benötigen Unterstützung

Our Project

Das # hilferegister (mutual aid registry) is an online registry, designed to provide you with information about social initiatives in Germany and Austria. We want to increase visibility of and provide full transparency on charitable initiatives. Whether you are a helper or a person seeking help - find relevant initiatives in your environment or enter your own initiative into the #hilferegister to reach even more people.

Maske - gegenseitig schützen

Our Philosophy

In the wake of the Corona crisis, many charitable initiatives are offering solutions to problems specific to various issues that have come to the fore. However, despite all the helpfulness and solidarity, there is no central portal that clearly lists all non-profit initiatives in Germany and Austria while also allowing users to filter them according to their needs. Therefore, we have set up the #hilferegister as a central contact point for those who want to help and those who are seeking help.

Das # hilferegister (mutual aid registry) increases the visibility of and provides full transparency of charitable initiatives in Germany and Austria. As an aggregator, our solution helps to use the full social potential of a large number of outstanding initiatives during this Corona crisis and beyond. #hilferegister - We'll tackle this together!

Lebensmittel - Risikogruppen und Landwirte unterstützen

Unser Team

Charlotte von Streit hilferegister
more_vertCharlotte von Streit
Charlotte von Streitclose

Here's what the team says: After her time as a consultant, Charlotte is now enjoying student life again at the TU Munich. She is glad to be working on something hands-on with the #hilferegister.

Philipp Heuermann hilferegister PWC
more_vertPhilipp Heuermann
closePhilipp Heuermann

Here's what the team says: Philipp is a management consultant at Strategy&. Even at 2 a.m. he is the tireless, creative brain in the team.

Nils Taschke Hilferegister
more_vertNils Taschke
closeNils Taschke

Here's what the team says: Nils has been a freelance digital genius for the last 8 years, and he's responsible for technical magic in the team.

Thilo Marcel Braun hilferegister Stanford Lilium
more_vertThilo Braun
Thilo Braunclose

Here's what the team says: Thilo has been working with air taxis for the last 3 years and he's driving the team's ambitious goals forwards.

Carl Gödecken
more_vertCarl Gödecken
Carl Gödeckenclose

Here's what the team says: Carl is pursuing his Master's degree in IT Systems Engineering - he also engineers #hilferegister's IT-Systems.

Patrick Rövekamp
more_vertPatrick Rövekamp
Patrick Rövekampclose

Here's what the team says: Patrick befindet sich inmitten der Masterarbeit zu digitaler Transformation an der Uni Augsburg. Für das #hilferegister ist er unser Arm in den SolutionEnabler.

Katharina Lowinski
more_vertKatharina Lowinski
Katharina Lowinskiclose

Here's what the team says: After her studies in automotive engineering and an MBA, Kathi is now a passionate innovator of technology & business models in the automotive industry.

Benedikt Kau
more_vertBenedikt Kau
Benedikt Kauclose

Here's what the team says: Just back from Beijing in January on the Transsib, future computer science student and staunch European.

Kristina Gunne
more_vertKristina Gunne
Kristina Gunneclose

Here's what the team says: Kristina went to the University of Vienna for her master's degree. With her passion for research, she helps to fill out the long list of initiatives and is happy to support the #hilferegister.

Marie Gleixner
more_vertMarie Gleixner
Marie Gleixnerclose

Here's what the team says: Marie ist mir Ihrem Marketing und BWL-Hintergrund trotz Säugling auf dem Schoß unsere unermüdlich Content-Entwicklerin für das Hilferegister Österreich.

Lara Van Iterson
more_vertLara Van Iterson
Lara Van Itersonclose

Here's what the team says: Lara is there to help with advice and action and especially with her black finepen - at any time.

Anne-Sophie Wislocki
more_vertAnne-Sophie Wislocki
Anne-Sophie Wislockiclose

Here's what the team says: Anne-Sophie lebt mit Mann und Kind in Wien. Als Politikwissenschaftlerin liegt ihr soziales Engagement besonders am Herzen und sie freut sich sehr beim #hilferegister tatkräftig mithelfen zu können.

more_vertSophia Hermann
Sophia Hermannclose

Here's what the team says: Sophia genießt das Studentenleben in Wien. Sie hilft beim Aufbau des #hilferegisters in Österreich und unterstützt das Team mit viel Freude.

Celina Schmieder
more_vertCelina Schmieder
Celina Schmiederclose

Here's what the team says: Celina - a creative biologist through and through - is product manager at a pharmaceutical company for rare diseases.

Fabian König
more_vertFabian König
Fabian Königclose

Here's what the team says: Fabian is in the middle of his master's thesis at the University of Augsburg and helps with development at #hilferegister.

Tristan Menzinger
more_vertTristan Menzinger
Tristan Menzingerclose

Here's what the team says: Tristan originally studied Industrial Engineering and Management, but is now working as a Data Scientist and helps with development at #hilferegister.

Ian Clotworthy

Unsere Partner

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