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The # hilferegister

The #hilferegister is an online registry that provides you with tailor-made information about social initiatives in Germany and Austria. We want to create increased visibility of and full transparency about charitable initiatives.

In the wake of the Corona crisis, many charitable initiatives are offering solutions to problems specific to various issues that have come to the fore. However, despite all the helpfulness and solidarity, there is no central portal that clearly lists all charitable initiatives in Germany and Austria while also allowing users to filter them according to their needs. Therefore, we have set up the #hilferegister as a central contact point for those who want to help and those who are seeking help.

  1. You want to get involved? With the # hilferegister you can find initiatives in your local area that are relevant for you.
  2. You or your relatives need help? With the # hilferegister you can find the right form of support.
  3. Your initiative needs support? You can post requests on # hilferegister and help more people with your initiative.
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